Sunday, August 2, 2009

Moving Day Disaster

So in case anyone didn't hear about our fun moving experience... We had a 26' moving truck. When they went to pull in...
It was too long to make our 'steep' driveway. The rear wheel dropped off the road into a ditch and dug the rear bumper right into the road! And there it sat. And sat. And sat. It blocked half the road, so the guys had to take turns directing traffic through. Ended up having to have a wrecker come pull it out. Tried again (thinking that the reason it didn't work the first time was because they cut the corner too close to pull in), and nope, wouldn't go. The sheriff made us take it about a mile down the road and park it at a school. So then we frantically called everyone we know (and basically everyone Zac works with) with trucks and begged them to come help us. We had to shuttle everything - unloading the moving truck, loading it on pickups, and bringing it to the house to unload again. Let's just say it cost us a small fortune in pizza and beer!

Great way to meet the new neighbors!

(So if you come over and can't find our driveway, look for the deep gouges in the road!)

Nicolas watching the excitement from the nice air conditioning.

And watching the wrecker.

Trevor & Brooke