Tuesday, January 13, 2009

White Seamless Paper

First off, the new storyboard I had printed of Nicolas playing on a playground a few months ago. (Bottom right says his name if you can't see it).

My setup with the backdrop stand Mom got me for Christmas.

And THIS is why I can't wait to get my studio lighting:

So I made due by pinning blankets on the windows to block most of it.

And the results. Nicolas wasn't much in the co-operating mood today. Oh, and this is the hat I made him. He loves it, even wore it for his nap the day I gave it to him.

It's getting harder and harder to take pictures of this kid because he knows he gets to play and be silly when the camera comes out.

Then he ditched me for Blues Clues and Fruit Loops and I got stuck playing with this:
And then he got jealous and wanted in on it!


Dorie said...

OOOOH, Sydney and I can't wait to come play in the studio. Those are great.