Monday, January 19, 2009

Inaugural Concert on Sunday- Lots of Pictures

Ok, so we didn't plan on going, but we were really bored and didn't want to sit in the house all day. So I guess now we're officially "those crazy people" who go to this...
(I've got a ton of pictures here, but I put them all up on my webshots page if you get bored... )

Welcome to D.C.

No wonder people get confused - they had even more handwritten signs for now.

Took this from the car, but traffic's pretty crazy already.

All bundled up and ready!

Weren't too many people to start with. We were there a couple hours before it started and got through security before it got packed.
That back edge where you see people is where we ended up standing during the concert...

This was the only time I started panicking. Zac wanted to see how close we could get. Then we couldn't go forward or back... I held my camera up to take this.
THIS was my real view!

Finally wiggled out to head away from the masses.

We really lucked out with this spot because they closed it off before the concert started, and they was hardly anyone in there!

The back just starting to fill up.

Glad I took my 28-300mm lens. This is from where we stood with a 300mm.
And vs. 28mm.

Rows and rows of port-a-johns.

Apparently I messed up by taking this guy's picture. (He has a video camera). He then came over and kept trying to get me on TV. I told him I stay behind the camera.
This is about how many people were around us during the concert.

All bundled up!

So, this is when the concert started. I haven't gotten those pictures around yet, but I'll try to get them on and up tomorrow sometime, although I'm not sure how well they'll turn out considering. Got home and found out there were over 500,000 people there. And 4 times that many expected tomorrow for the inauguration!


Dorie said...

Erin, those are great. You are one of those crazy people!